Magasinn & Feldman - A Law Corporation
About Us
            Magasinn & Feldman, a Law Corporation, is an AV-rated law firm and a respected leader in the competitive American legal arena.  Encompassing a wide range of legal expertise, our firm's hallmark is that of service - service offered with experience, sophistication and innovation.  Our dedication to service, detail and creativity has provided us with a diverse and loyal client base.
            The high level of individual attention and caring we extend to all of our clients, large and small, is our way and has proven to be effective and successful.  Whether we act as legal counsel for a large business or whether we advise an individual in the areas of estate planning and trusts or business, we have dedicated ourselves to providing practical and innovative solutions to achieve our clients’ objectives.  By staying at the forefront of new legislation and trends pertinent to our clients’ best interests, we are able to solve problems with professional diligence and timeliness.
            By tapping into the firm's collective wealth of knowledge and experience, we can offer a broad range of legal services.  The breadth of our collective experience embraces many legal specialties, highlighted on the following pages.
Because our clients have a need
We have a job to do
Because our clients have a choice
We must be the better choice
Because our clients have sensibilities
We must be considerate
Because our clients have an urgency
We must be prompt
Because our clients have high expectations
We must excel
Because our clients have influence
We have the hope of more clients
Because of our clients
We exist